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"Thank you for keeping me updated with the recent sales, the service is most useful and I appreciate your help."

Roger - 5th September 2013

"As usual, thanks great info, you have your finger on the pulse. Really useful, thanks."

Mel - 4th September 2013

"Your site is always very helpful and informative."

Fraser - 2nd September 2013

"I read all of the updates, and find them both interesting and useful. Keep up the good work. "

Andrew - 26th August 2013

"I hope many other people, like myself, very much appreciate you keeping us up to date with property prices in our areas. I also hope that, from time to time, they take the trouble to tell you how much your information is appreciated."

John - 9th August 2013

"Thank you again, Brendan. These updates on local properties are so useful."

Terry - 7th August 2013

"Brendan, thank you for the updates; very handy as my son is looking to buy his 1st house."

John - 17th July 2013

"I find this is one of the best services I have used if not the best. So I will always use it."

Henry - 11th June 2013

"In the past I signed up to it when purchasing property and found it very useful, I have found it interesting rather than useful since then, I'm considering selling now though and it is once again useful. A really handy service, particularly for buyers and sellers, so many thanks."

Rebecca - 28th May 2013

"I moved recently and it pleases me to see that I did not pay more than the going rate for my property. My ex will soon be selling her place and your guide is a good price guide for her. "

Kevin - 19th March 2013