Read some of our Testimonials

"Thank you very much it is a very helpful site, especially as we are going to put our house on the market this year."

Francesca - 7th March 2013

"It is always useful to monitor local house prices. We might get to a downsizing decision in a few years time and your information will help that."

John - 6th March 2013

"Many thanks for your very valuable info which has helped me make a good sale and an excellent purchase in the currently tricky property market."

Jean - 6th December 2012

"I've been with this site since you started and it is just as good and relevant as the day it was launched. Always read it and it always provides useful info. Thanks for keeping this communication going. "

Rob - 5th November 2012

"I do find it useful as a way to keep tabs on the property price fluctuations in the area. "

Jennifer - 5th November 2012

"Thank you, I love the info you send."

Maggie - 2nd November 2012

"Many thanks Brendan, always interesting to receive your updates to see what is happening in the property market."

Colin - 8th October 2012

"Always look forward to your mails and viewing what properties are doing. Thank you so much."

Joanie - 5th October 2012

"I know that at age 76 I won't be selling in fact, I will be leaving my house to my children and as such I only look on your site with interest (and a wee bit noseyness) but I have to say it keeps getting better and more professional all the time. I can remember the earlier site some years ago. You are getting to have the look of a National Company. You seem to be on the ball with changing trends, changing legislation and current economic constraints etc. Well done again."

Bob - 7th August 2012

"Thank you. Your site remains of high interest and much appreciated."

Graeme - 17th July 2012