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"Just want to let you know that your website is very user-friendly and I've recommended it to quite a few friends!"

Christiana Christoforou - 4th December 2005

"The site is excellent, very useful indeed, and I'm telling everyone I know about it!"

Eddie Prince - 4th December 2005

"Fantastic site, simple easy to use and fast. You are a genius. Only thing I would add is a postcode look up tool. Many thanks again for a great tool."

Mike Hilton - 4th December 2005

"I must say I am very impressed with your service and have already recommended 3 of my friends to register with you."

Sam Palmer - 4th December 2005

"I've only used the site twice - it has given me the information I was looking for both times so I'd call that a 100% hit rate."

Matt Cumberlidge - 4th December 2005

"Your site is easy to use and can be quickly accessed and the information back is immediate - Its a great site to work with."

Sue Saunders - 4th December 2005

"Can I just say that I think this is the best website I have ever seen! And I've told so many people about it! Thanks."

Linda Gilbert - 4th December 2005

"Yes - great site -- pretty, simple(-looking), very effective: what more can one want?"

John Law - 4th December 2005

"I thought I would let you know that I have been recommending the site to many people. It's very useful as I am planning to move house later this year. The people I have recommended it to have been impressed by how user friendly the site is."

John Wilson - 4th December 2005

"I have looked at your site, amongst others offering the same service, and it is definitely the best. It is clear & easy to use."

Andy Lamb - 4th December 2005