Read some of our Testimonials

"Brilliant - thank you. I have my house up for sale so this is good for me."

Patricia - 3rd October 2014

"Many thanks for the email and all the others you have sent. It provides me with regular information on where I live, being a previous estate agent and long term landlord this is valuable information."

Jonathan - 3rd October 2014

"Thanks Brendan, I like to keep up with what's going on locally and where we used to live. Thanks for that, great website, too!"

Kenneth - 3rd October 2014

"Brilliant site; good to be kept informed of local prices. Keep up the good work!"

Lee - 3rd October 2014

"Thanks for keeping me up-to-date - I am not always able, or needing to, use your site but be assured you have the best one going and a pleasure to use."

Robert - 6th August 2014

"Keep up the good work, these updates of sales are great for keeping an eye on what's selling in the area and the prices, etc. Thanks and keep them coming."

Nev - 31st July 2014

"Am finding your service very useful - great to keep track of the property movement close to my home. "

Karen - 26th June 2014

"This is very useful - thank you. I note that prices are rising, so this helps me with knowing when to put my house on the market."

Francesca - 6th May 2014

"Just love your updates - keep them coming."

Christine - 6th May 2014

"Thanks for this, nice to know which direction properties are going. Saves me precious time hunting around. Many thanks."

Jean - 7th March 2014