Read some of our Testimonials

"I find the Our Property service both informative and fascinating and I've recommended it to friends."

Jenny - 10th May 2017

"Thanks. It does help to know what's going on as my property is now on the market, also."

Alex - 13th April 2017

"Thank you so much for that mail. I really look forward to receiving it and reading all about the properties in areas I'm interested in. Thank you so much."

Joanie - 13th April 2017

"I have found it very useful to track actual sale prices - one due up on my road next month - and will be particularly useful when we sell/downsize in a couple of years. Thanks."

Colin from York - 9th March 2017

"Yes, your service is very useful. We have recommended you a number of times to date, as a resource for people, mainly friends, looking for property to move into or just move house within in our area."

Roger - 16th February 2017

"Thanks for this. Yes, the service is very useful for me. I am not sure if other websites offer the same detail for multiple postcodes, but I have not needed to look as yours offers what I need. "

A. Mc. - 10th January 2017

"Thank you - we find the information you provide very useful in keeping an eye on the market."

John - 7th November 2016

"It's so easy to complain so breaking the mold, thanks for all your efforts, I always look out for these emails!"

Rob - 17th June 2016

"Yes the service is useful. I enjoy the updates and it keeps me abreast of house prices in the area so if we are buying any more investment properties we can calculate a realistic price for the property. "

Jayne - 4th May 2016

"Many thanks for the information, I do appreciate your excellent service. I run the local rural website so I am able to keep people informed as it is quite a remote location here and the property below has generated a lot of interest locally."

Phil - 18th November 2015