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"Looking good - clean and fresh. Thanks."

Brenda - 4th July 2017

"Thanks for your email. I find the reports very interesting, thank you for sending them and for updating my email address."

Sue - 4th July 2017

"Your site is an easy to use reliable indicator of the price of houses near us. Well done!"

Jon - 4th July 2017

"Just a line to say that your improvements have been worthwhile and certainly do smack of a spring clean. Things appear clearer and fresher - not that they were unclear previously! Thanks for providing me with this valuable and interesting facility and I want you to know that your service is much appreciated. Best regards to all your staff"

Philip - 4th July 2017

"Many thanks! The renovations have been an improvement in my humble opinion. The site seems to be smoother, cleaner and easier to use. Keep up the good work!"

Ray - 4th July 2017

"I like your new style and I still enjoy reading your emails."

Rita - 4th July 2017

"Thank you as always! I do like the new look obviously a lot of hard work went into it."

Ann - 4th July 2017

"Love your updated site. Thanks for the info!"

Irene - 4th July 2017

"Wow, the site and the new format are looking great!!!! Like it a lot!!! :)) Well done, guys!!!! With warm regards"

Svetlana - 4th July 2017

"Love the new layout and thank you for extending my boundary........excellent service...thank you."

Pip - 4th July 2017