All you need to know about chimney sweeping

How much does it cost to hire a chimney sweep?

This depends upon where you live and how much work there is to do. If you live in a large house in very remote area which has several chimneys, you will obviously pay more than someone who lives in a smaller house which has only one or two chimneys. The best way to find out exactly how much the services of a professional chimney sweep will cost you is to contact one and ask for a quote for your property. As a rough guide, a homeowner looking for a sweep to clean two chimneys should expect to pay something in the region of £40 per chimney.

Some general tips

  • It is better to burn hard woods than soft woods. Not only do hard woods burn slower, making them more economical, they also make the fire burn hotter. This reduces the amount of creosote deposited inside the chimney, which will help keep your chimney cleaner for longer. Reducing the amount of this flammable substance inside your chimney also has considerable safety benefits.
  • Do not use artificial logs.
  • Purchase a good guard for your fireplace. A fire with a well-functioning chimney is still unsafe if sparks from the fireplace come into contact with a carpet or furniture.
  • The best safety precaution you can take is to have your chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional chimney sweep on a regular basis. There are, however, certain warning signs that you can look out for yourself. A fire that is burning more slowly than usual can be sign of a partially blocked chimney, as can the presence of smoke in the room.